Hottest Domain Auction Recap – January 30

Hottest Domain Auctions

This auction recap list collates all of the hottest and most active GoDaddy, SnapNames, DynaDot, and NameJet domain name auctions and provides this data as a companion to your other research tools. It also provides a snapshot of the current domain auction trends, as well as which direction the market could be moving in.

Please click on the provided links to determine the current price of the domain auction and its availability status.

Hottest GoDaddy Domain Auctions

The most active GoDaddy domain auctions include the usual selection of single words, multi-words and LLLL.COM domains, along with the odd CryptoCoin name. Of these, and look to have the greatest business applicability, while is likely being bid up due to its obvious linkage to the Mental Health America of Texas organization.

In our Honorable Mentions area, really stands out from the crowd, and this domain could end up being a real value going forward. may also be of interest to the Crypto crowd and 3-character .COM domains like are always in high demand.

Honorable Mentions:

Hottest SnapNames Domain Auctions

The SnapNames list contains a few interesting domains, such as (a presentation area or tent), (a popular tea drink), and the phonetic, which is a potential hipster option. The and domains are a bit old school, but they are short and descriptive names that obviously continue to have interest. The domain seems be a popular German term with multiple applications, while the multi-word does include two premium business terms it in, but it could also be disturbingly close (both phonetically and spelling) to a very heinous crime.

Honorable Mentions:

Hottest DynaDot Domain Auctions

The DynaDot hot auction list is a curious collection of domain names, with and being the two with some potential monetization options. The domain may be drawing interest for use as L’Art Doll, while is not limited to those in the UK who play the Playstation Vita (or who can’t spell VISA), but can actually apply to a number of British companies. Our Honorable Mentions includes a massive traffic draw in and the multi-use LLL name

Honorable Mentions:

Hottest NameJet Domain Auctions

The NameJet auction list includes currently running auctions, and not just expiring domains, so there is a greater number of high-end listings here, albeit at significantly higher prices as well. There are a lot of prime single-word domains, and names like,, and offer a wide range of business opportunities. Even is an acronym for Return on Investment.


Disclaimer: This article contains raw data based solely on the characteristics of the listed domain names and should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of any third-party services mentioned or linked to above.

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