Hottest Domain Auction Recap – February 7

Hottest Domain Auctions

This auction recap collates all of the hottest and most active domain auctions from GoDaddy, SnapNames, DynaDot, and NameJet, providing a one-stop source for the highest-demand listings in the domain name market. It also supplies a quick snapshot of current domain auction trends, as well as highlighting any new directions that the market could be moving in.

Please click on the provided auction links to determine the current price of the domain auction and its availability status.

Hottest GoDaddy Domain Auctions

Today’s most active GoDaddy domain list is highlighted by, a short and very powerful one-word name that has been consistently racing up the chart. Some multi-words like,,, and follow right behind, and there are also a few numerical domain names such as, and

CryptoCoin domains include and the honorable mention and we also like and the PayPal-derived

Honorable Mentions:

Hottest SnapNames Domain Auctions

The SnapNames list usually contains an wide range of domain name types, and today is certainly no disappointment. Heading the chart is, followed by, and The domain has to have some connection to the CryptoCoin buying frenzy and may as well. is an excellent GEO domain, while and offer some interesting options.

Honorable Mentions:


Hottest DynaDot Domain Auctions

The DynaDot hot auction list has added some higher-end domain auctions, and while heads the list, it is followed by a pair of listings in the form of and The one-word has definite online possibilities, and there are also a few old school EMD domains like,, and, as well as the intriguing, which would translate as the brand “We’re WP (WordPress)”.

Honorable Mentions:


Hottest NameJet Domain Auctions

The NameJet auction list outlines the domains with the highest bids, combined with the name’s inherent characteristics and current reserve status (if any). Short domains seem to be the name of the game at NameJet, with options like and holding court alongside the domains, and We also have similar short names in the honorable mentions sections (all with no reserve), including, and the pronounceable

Honorable Mentions:


Disclaimer: This article contains raw data based solely on the characteristics of the listed domain names and should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of any third-party services mentioned or linked to above.

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