GoDaddy Domain Closeouts Recap – February 1

GoDaddy Domain Closeouts Recap

GoDaddy’s Domain Closeout Sales take place between a) when a domain drops/expires and b) the point where the domain is officially deleted and sent back to the registry for anyone to buy at any Registrar. Within this time period, GoDaddy offers these closeout domains up for immediate sale at a slight premium + registration fees.

This isn’t the place to go looking for LLL.COM domains or premium one-word .COM names, but there are usually some nice deals hidden within the GoDaddy Closeout listings and we’ve tried our best to find some of the hidden gems and potential values.

Closeouts – High Valuations

When looking at the Closeout domains with the highest valuations, you really need to take along your BS detector, as it’s often a morass of super-long .COM keywords and dubious new gTLDs mixed in with the domain names that might actually be useful in 2018.

After parsing the data a bit, we did find a few multi-word options that may pass the test like,, and, along with pronounceable .COM domains such as and, that might serve a real-world use.

Word Domain Closeouts

This area is getting tougher to find viable word domains, especially at the .COM level, as most of the premium words are already long gone by the auction stage. We did find a few interesting closeout .COM words like,,, and, and something like should certainly attract the domainer crowd. Of these, our favorite is, and even though it’s not a .COM, it’s still a great term for online use.

New gTLD and ccTLD Word Domain Closeouts

This section exists just below the COM/NET/ORG triumvirate, and exactly which domain extension you’re talking about determines how steep the drop-off is. On the plus side, you can find some great words here, such as,,,, and, as well as boutique/domain hack names like,,,, and

As we found out in this week’s Sedo Weekly Domain Sales Recap, don’t sleep on some of these TLDs when it comes to marketable words and terms.

LLL Domain Closeouts

Obviously this is not the place to go looking for high-end gTLDs as any LLL domain that hits closeout status is going to be of a lower-tier extension. There are still some deals to be found, especially if the abbreviation fits your use exactly, and today’s options include,,,, and

Short & Pronounceable Domain Closeouts

This is developing into a very popular area of the domain market, and each week we see quite a few pronounceable LLLL to LLLLLL domains selling at auction houses. There are usually a lot of potential options in the closeout section, and this recap features,,, and But our favorite domain name has to be In the .NET/.ORG section, is a great 4-letter name, while is easily the best-sounding domain on the list.


CryptoCoin Domain Closeouts

And last, but certainly not least, we have a meager selection of CryptoCoin domain names, the best of which is probably


Disclaimer: This article contains raw data based solely on the characteristics of the listed domain names and should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of any third-party services mentioned or linked to above.

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