This list changes things up a bit by sorting by the Bid Price, giving us a different view of the latest and hottest GoDaddy auctions. Some domain names may attract a lot of bids, but the price may not jump that high, while other high-end domains can spike quickly after only a few bids. This chart adds another layer to help determine what is truly hot and in-demand at GoDaddy Auctions.

Most Popular GoDaddy Domain Auctions by Price

Right at the top of the list we have DRONESTOP.COM, checking in at a healthy $8500 and making hay with the popularity of drones and all the economic activity around them. There doesn’t seem to be a list that can escape the grip of STEVES.COM, and this one isn’t any different, and it’s followed by a very nice NNNN.COM, 3474.COM, and GAILV.COM, HUSHUI.COM and AGOO.COM.

The Coinees can rush to buy COINP.COM, BITCOINBOARD.COM, COINMORE.COM, and COINPUSH.COM, while YUXS.COM has some interesting phonetic possibilities. There are a few word domains on the list like FURIED.COM, PARSE.ME, SCALPER.COM, and SALESLESS.COM, along with a several multi-word options such as STONEHOMES.COM, INFINITYNOW.COM, NOWSELLING.COM, BUDGETVAPE.COM, BREWSOFT.COM, and AMERICANTALENT.COM.

Domain NamePriceBidsLengthTLD$8,50019COM$7,600666COM$5,00014COM$3,051505COM$2,375466COM$2,00014COM$2,00015COM$2,00018COM$1,825509COM$1,525103COM$1,502285COM$1,497110COM$1,418234COM$1,2253213ORG$1,186427COM$1,005494COM$1,000120COM$1,00018NET$1,00014COM$9757414COM$9201712COM$919175COM$830134COM$828104COM$811227COM$800112COM$609154COM$560185COM$555199COM$511484ORG$510398COM$510345COM$431227COM$3992914COM$399112COM$39014COM$360106COM$321105COM$306309COM$306103CC$305464COM$305367COM$305184COM$305144COM$305516ORG$305513COM$300112COM$2941414COM$262198COM$260298COM$260254COM$260154COM$2563813COM$250114COM$2271417COM$226711COM$2252216ORG$22015ME$206134COM$206312COM$2051512COM$205144COM$2051119COM$20524COM$204123CC$200213ORG$1932010COM$185218COM$185115NET$1801110COM$175134COM$175114COM$172163ORG$165107COM$165104COM$1601510COM$16084COM$16074COM$1551314ORG$1551210COM$1551116ORG$15594COM$155730ORG$151159ORG$15064COM$146104COM$146104COM$1451910COM$14184COM$14184COM$135157COM$135155COM$13026COM$12664COM$12664COM$125159COM$11696COM$11667COM$115124COM$115111COM

Disclaimer: This article contains raw data based solely on the characteristics of the listed domain names and should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of any third-party services mentioned or linked to above.