The .CA To Be Released / TBR Weekly Picks Report

.CA TBR Run Date: Wednesday April 29, 2020 at 7 PM UTC/3 PM EST
Number of .CA Domain Names on the List:
Registrant Citizenship or Business Location or Local Domain Representation must be Canadian.

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The overall TBR numbers increased slightly compared to last week, checking in at 8,985 expired domains, which kept us just below the 9K barrier but still extended our streak of 8K+ numbers to 6 weeks in a row. This new total represented a small weekly increase (+67) compared to the 8,918 entries on the previous list. When combined with the 9,254  and 8,717 TBR numbers from the two weeks before that, it translates into a new and higher (by +58) weekly average of 8,969 TBR listings through the prior month.

Once released, premium domains can go fast so please click on the provided domain registration link to view and confirm the current availability of each listing.


Top Picks

The .CA numbers remained virtually the same this week, and although the LLLs did take over, we still have a nice mix of 3-letter and single-word options on the list today. There are several true premiums featured on our weekly Top Picks, with the top domains being ADC.CA, RCE.CA, WOK.CA, AIDA.CA, PURGATORY.CA, and RAISE.CA. – Two weeks ago hit the TBR and represented one of the top picks ever, but ups the ante as one of the best non-word LLLs money can buy. It’s well-aged (2003) and the starting “AD” is top-end while the ending “C” is killer with matches like Canada, Company, or Corporation, along with many others like Collections, Creative, Commerce, Contract, etc. – A mid-range premium with a lot going for it, such as aging since 2003, and an ending “R” that can handle Retail, Rehabilitation, Real Estate, Radio, Retire/Retirement, Revenue, Resources, Regulatory, Registrar, Reserve, Regional, Register, Report, Record, Repair, Refurbish, etc. – Probably the lowest high-end LLL on the list, with a last reg date of 2014 and an ending “B’ that can stand in for Business, Bank, Building Brand, Broker, Billing, Board, Bonds, Books, Budget, Benefits, Bail, Broadband, and the all-encompassing Bio-anything. – Our second choice for an LLL, with exceptional aging (2001), an excellent beginning “RC” and an ending “E” that supports Enterprise, Energy, Exchange, Economic, Education, Eco/Ecological, Environment, Employee/Employer/Employment, Events, Executive, Equipment, Equity, etc. – Another middle of the road premium that has been off the TBR since 2005, and an ending “I” with options like Incorporated, Information, International, Insurance, Internet, Import, Interest, Industry/Industrial, Internal, Innovation, Investing, Inspection, Inventory, etc. – This one’s most attractive feature has nothing to do with acronyms, and is instead a rare single-word (a Chinese cooking pot) with nice aging (2008). – A classic opera that is also well-aged (2006) and featured in many business names and acronyms. – The top first-name domain on the list, with excellent aging (2001) and while it’s not on the level of Jane or Mary, beggars can’t be choosers. – A domain of more recent vintage, but still an excellent term for branding that has uses in the computer and security sectors. – The term is both obvious in use and highly recognizable as a potential brandable, while its last reg date was in 2014. – View this as “Momma’s” and then think of how many companies and restaurants use this term. – Another very well-aged (2002) and highly-recognizable term that could be used for a wide range of businesses. – Off the TBR list since 2014, this would be a powerful brand for virtually any business, as its meaning is to lift up or increase. – Another nicely-aged term (2002) with a very obvious meaning and use.


Words of the Week

The overall number of single-word domains have increased a bit compared to last week, and as noted by the red “Hot Pick” text, several of these hovered just outside our Top Picks area. 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁 🍁 Hot Pick 🍁


Other LLL.CA Domains

The lower-end 3-letter domain count actually increased to 4 this week, which sits inside the 2, 10, and 16 LLL leftover range from the previous 3 weeks. There is a definite second tier this week, and includes and, which do rise above the dumpster level, but still don’t have the aging and/or quality necessary to be a true Top Pick.

Lower-end LLLs usually translate into having very limited uses in the smaller-scale Canadian business market. Quality truly matters in the .CA marketplace and in general, one premium 3-letter will always be a sounder long-term investment than a set of lower-end LLL domains.


Brandable / Pronounceable Domains

With the growth of hip brandable domains (pronounceable names that may also phonetically evoke another term or idea: i.e. Simplii = Simply – you might call some “hipster homophones”), this section is now an important part of our TBR report.


Multi-Words/Compound Words

The number of multi/pseudo-words is extremely high again this week, and we’re still seeing quite a few well-aged 2-word combos finding their way to the TBR. Some of these are quite good and could be worth a quick flip.

* Sorry, no time during the pandemic for “Hot Pick” notations this week.


NNN.CA Domains



NNNN.CA Domains


CryptoCoin Domains


Cannabis/Marijuana Domains


Note that these .CA links currently go to a Registrar page, in case they are not pre-ordered and are potentially available for open registration afterwards.

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